Patient Testimonials

Here’s what our patients are saying about us . . .

"Axis Physical Therapy has been the best care plan I've ever received!  I will return for future care if needed and will always refer people to this Clinic!  My care has ended here for the time being but I will never forget this amazing place and the lovely staff!"  ~Tahira G. 

"You guys and your facility are a God send!  All staff and my therapist (Tiffane O'Neil) are so very, very awesome.  You have saved me from a life of misery and pain.  I cannot ever thank you enough or repay you for getting my life back.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I love you guys." ~Timothy P.

"Leanne is the absolute best and saved me much time and money after being at another PT clinic that was working the wrong muscles.  Her adjustments have gotten me back on track.  Next time I will definitely come here first!" ~Georgia E.

"When I first started my treatment I wasn't able to turn my head at all.  It was very, verty difficult to do any of the simple requests.  By the time I had my last session I was able to complete all taks." ~Angeline S.

"Great Staff!  Really helped out with the pain and conditioning of my troubled shoulder.  I've been to Physical Therapy before at a different clinic and did not receive the level of care that I did here.  I couldn't be happier!" ~James B

"I appreciated being provided with the workouts printed and the materials needed to do them.  I didn't feel rushed or pushed to do activities that were too hard or caused pain where my old Physical Therapist (at another clinic) I was forced with pain.  Staff here actually communicates so the session isn't awkward silence." ~Jordan B.

“Absolutely the best care and most knowledgeable therapists in town. They are all very well trained and treat the whole person - not just an injury” ~W.L.

“I had a very good experience here. Staff was very friendly, took great notes, and it felt like they knew me and made me feel welcome. My PT plan helped with my stability in my knee. Thanks for the good work that you all are doing.” ~N.B.

"Prior to coming here I had no experience with Physical Therapy.  I was very satisfied with the care I was given.  Every staff member was very knowledgeable and explained the reasons behind each exercise.  Hopefully I don't have to go for PT again but if I do I would want it to be exactly like this." ~Quinn

"Staff were very helpful and knowledgeable.  I was always informed of not only the how of my care but the why as well.  Having been seen repeatedly over the years for recurring back issues this clinic and its staff are by far the best I have ever experienced.  I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone needing treatment.." ~George

"The care is outstanding.  I was on the verge of getting surgery and I feel like a new person now.  Can not think of a better team to provide care. Thank you all for everything!" ~C.G.

"Thank you all so much for everything!  Thank you for listening to my symptoms & tweaking my plan of care to treat each one. Everyone I worked with was amazing--you were all so nice & and made it easy to want to come & put in the necessary work.  You're the best!." ~Lori

"I came to Axis for help due to knee pain strong enough to completely keep me from running.  The weeks of therapy have removed the pain and given me quite the education as to what was going on and how to avoid anymore issues in the future.  The staff is outstanding.  Every therapy session was something of a treat." ~Hannah F

"This whole team is fantastic and I can't believe how much I've improved in the last few weeks.  Will highly recommend to anyone I know needing care." ~Franklyn P

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  In just four visits you got my back to feel better than it has in almost 15 years!  True to your motto, I definitely got "the best results in the least visits".  I have gone to other physical therapy clinics in the past and all they did was treat the sysptoms in what seemed like endless visits.  Brad diagnosed and treated the likely causes immediatley and through the process of elimination figured me out and fixed me in just two weeks.

Also, it is not just Brad that I appreciate about your clinic.  The ladies at the front desk are very friendly and professional.  The assistants in the gym are also very good at what they do and are friendly.  Even if they do take a little bit too much pleasure at running the torture chamber! ;-) Just kidding . . . .

I not only appreciate the clinic as a patient, but I am also a retired Navy healthcare administrator and admire the business from that perspective as well.  You have earned a great reputation in the community (I know several people from my church that use you).  Also, while in the short term you reduce the volume of business by fixing patients quickly with the least visits, I like that you have taken the long term growth approach of quality vs. quantity.  Building a loyal client base will pay off more in the long run, and if shown through metrics will probably get you more referrals from insurance companies that can save money through using you.  Additionally, it is just "doing the right thing" for folks that makes you successful and makes your employees obviously happy and satisfied with their workplace. 

Thank you again so much, and please don't hesitate to use me as a reference if you would like!" ~Matthew D

"This was my second round through this clinic and both were fantastic.  You all made me feel like part of your family.  My care has been excellent and I will definitely be back if I ever need treatment again." ~Kathy M

"Therapy staff has been so good that I am like a new person free of pain after 10 years of excruciating pain.  It will bring a tear to my eye missing my girls and staff.  They have definitely changed my life for the good.  God bless them all." ~Harlan W

"I began treatment and was barely able to sit up.  The clinic helped me get back to running pain free!  Thanks!"  ~Chelsea M

"My experience here has been very rewarding.  The staff is awesome and very encouraging.  Having suffered with back pain for many years, I have worked with many therapists.  However, none come close to the team here.  Thank-you so very much for making the pain go away!  God Bless!" ~Terry R

"What an amazing staff.  This has been the absolute best physical therapy clinic I have ever been to and I have been to a lot with my knees (total of 9 surgeries).  Keep up the great work.  I'm going to miss everyone!" ~Tony P

"I had outstanding care with Leanne Burns (PT) and also with Victoria Morgan (PTA).  I always felt really cared for and not rushed.  My therapists took time to explain and answer questions.  I am a success story from the treatment I received.  I could barely walk when I started treatment.  My hip hurt every time I took a step. Now I can walk a mile in 20 minutes!" ~ Sylvia L

"Thank you for a great healing experience at your clinic--almost sorry I don't have a reason for coming back.  Not only have I admired the professionalism and technical acumen of all of the staff . . . I have appreciated the "FUN" atmosphere.  It must be a great place to work!  Thanks again." ~Tom P

"PT here was awesome.  The people working here are all nice and really care about helping patients and customer satisfaction.  I would not only be happy to but would do everthing I could to come back here in the event of another injury." ~Geoff M

"Your therapists & facility are fantastic.  Brad was a super-effective, caring therapist who never tired of explaining / answering questions.  I have and will continue to enthusiastically recommend to everyone.  Thanks so much!" ~Suzette B

"Any day I came to this clinic I never saw a frown or unhappy face on any employee.  Very friendly staff, always busy but never too busy to speak and smile.  Very effective group of therapists." ~Barbara S

"Thank you so much for all the support and knowledge.  I have learned how to protect and improve my injury.  I only wish there were more businesses here in Jacksonville that had such loving, concerned, and knowledgeable staff.  This Clinic is a great example for other businesses.  Thank you so much and God Bless." ~Walkiria F



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