Best Results, Least Visits®

Vision, Philosophy, & Promise of Owner Leanne L. Burns, PT after 30 years experience.

Accept No Substitutes - Professional, Effective Efficient Care Starts Here!

  • Axis Physical Therapy is committed to giving you the best value in physical rehabilitation.

  • We respect your time, your financial resources, and your physical being. The longer your quality of life is compromised, the more it impacts your life, your relationships, your finances, and your emotional well-being. We want you to restore your quality of life as quickly as possible.

  • Our therapists are committed to best evidence and best value practice. We will attend continuing education classes in order to provide you with up-to-date, professional care.

  • Your therapist will create a plan of care that is individualized for YOU using best evidence and best value principles. Your first visit will usually be at least 1-hour so that we can identify the source of your problem and/or begin treating it. Physical Therapists are 2nd, only to Orthopedists, in diagnosing musculoskeletal problems—we make time to examine you.

  • You will receive individual attention during each visit.

  • Co-pays and insurance deductibles are on the rise; achieving results in the least number of visits helps contain your expenses.

  • Less visits means less “hassle” for your schedule. Physical Therapy takes time, but effective PT is worth it if it prevents more costly procedures (surgery) or prevents prescription costs. Efficient, effective care also means less time away from work and less time spent in a doctor’s waiting room or ER!

Best Results, Least Visits® is a win-win philosophy—getting patients better in the least number of visits means:

patients are satisfied
our therapists are successful,
costs to you and your insurer are minimized.

Everyone benefits—don’t accept mediocre care, choose the best at Axis Physical Therapy!

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