Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is physical therapy?

Physical Therapy is a medical profession and method of healthcare centered on treatment of problems restricting a person’s ability to move and function. Physical Therapists treat a variety of conditions that can affect different systems of the body, including musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary. A variety of treatment methods, exercises, and modalities are used to restore physical function, prevent disability, and improve strength and movement. Physical Therapists also educate patients to take care of themselves and to perform certain exercises on their own. Physical Therapy is a licensed profession and can only be provided by qualified individuals.

Why should I come to Axis Physical Therapy instead of another clinic?

We use a Best Results, Least Visits®  approach to patient care.  Our first priority is for our patients to get the best possible results from their physical therapy.  We achieve this through the use of experienced physical therapists, by providing one-on-one care, and using the best medical evidence to treat your condition.  We also strive to be good stewards of your time and healthcare dollar.  Because co-pays and deductibles are on the rise, getting you better with fewer visits helps to contain your expenses and gives you more time to do what you love.  For more reason to choose us please see what our patients are saying!

Do I need a referral?

The state of North Carolina has “Direct Access” to Physical Therapy, which means that you are not legally required to have a Physician’s referral before seeing a Physical Therapist for an evaluation or treatment. However, some insurance coverage may require you to have a referral or “authorization” before they will approve payment (for example TRICARE Prime). You should contact your insurance company beforehand to determine the process that they require. It’s important to remember that if you are under the care of a Physician and require Physical Therapy, you have the freedom to choose which physical therapy clinic to receive your treatment from.

My doctor referred me to physical therapy, but it’s to another clinic.  Can I still come to Axis Physical Therapy?

Yes, you have the legal right to go anywhere you choose for your therapy.  A physician may only make a recommendation as to where to go; but realize these recommendations may be based on a personal or financial relationship with a particular therapy group (for example, Humana Military has a policy of referring TRICARE Prime patients to the provider that accepts the lowest reimbursement rate), and not necessarily on the skill of the therapists, patient convenience, or customer service.  As you search for a therapist, it’s important to choose a clinic that is professional and gives you the personalized attention and the results you deserve.  If you already have a TRICARE Referral/Authorization, please call Humana Military at (800) 444-5445 or your referring doctor and request to be sent to the clinic of your choice. 

 How is physical therapy going to help me?

The longer your quality of life is compromised, the more it impacts your life, your relationships, your finances, and your emotional well being.  Effective physical therapy may prevent more costly procedures, like surgery, and prevent prescription medication costs.  Efficient, effective care also means less time away from work and less time spent in a doctor’s waiting room or Emergency Room.  We use the best medical evidence in our treatment plans, which normally involve a combination of manual therapy to correct mechanical joint dysfunctions and therapeutic exercise to correct muscle and joint imbalance or weakness.

How many physical therapy visits will I need?

This depends on your diagnosis, whether or not you have had surgery, your level of injury, and compliance with your home exercises.  We respect your time, financial resources, and your physical well being.  We want you to restore your quality of life as quickly as possible.  With our Best Results, Least Visits® approach, patients are finished in an average of 9 visits.

What should I expect during my first visit?

During your initial visit, your Physical Therapist will provide you with a thorough one hour exam in a private exam room. Please be prepared to discuss your needs and any pain, lack of mobility or function that you currently have. This evaluation will involve certain range of motion, postural, and strength tests to help your Physical Therapist develop a plan unique to you and your condition.

What should I bring with me to my first visit?

Please bring the following to your first visit and arrive 15 minutes early (if you do not have completed paperwork we ask that you arrive 30 minutes early so you will have time to finish it before your appointment):

  • Completed Paperwork (Patient Information, Medical History, Physical Screening Form, Clinic Policies, Assignment and Lien, Financial Policy)

  • A copy of your list of medications

  • Insurance Card(s)

  • Picture ID

  • Referral / Prescription

  • If your injuries are from an auto accident we will need you to complete our Auto Accident Questionnaire and bring a copy of the police report, copy of your vehicle registration, your auto insurance policy or claim #, the other party’s auto insurance claim #, and attorney information if applicable.

What should I wear to my appointments?

Please wear clothing that allows for comfort and unrestricted motion, modesty, and exposing of injured and related areas.  You may bring clothes with you to change into.  Additionally, we have gowns and shorts here at the Clinic if needed.

May I bring my child with me to my appointment?

Our policy is that only patients are allowed in the treatment rooms and gym. For safety reasons, please make arrangements for your children. This also allows you and our care providers to focus on your treatment during the time you are here.

Do you accept my Insurance?

We accept most major insurance coverage and we are a TRICARE Authorized Provider.  Here is a partial list:

  • TRICARE (Tricare Prime and Tricare Select)
  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • North Carolina State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees (Note:  We are a Clear Pricing Project Provider which means starting January 1, 2021, you have a $26 or $36 co-pay instead of a $52 or $72 co-pay!)
  • Medcost
  • Auto Insurance (MedPay/PIP & Liability)
  • Attorney Liens
  • ChampVA
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) / Veterans Choice / Optum VA Community Care Network
  • Workers Comp (State & Federal/OWCP only)
  • Humana Medicare (Employer PPO, North Carolina State Health Plan)
  • Prompt Pay / Self Pay

We DO accept third party liability insurance if you have been involved in an auto accident or other personal injury.  If you do not have any type of insurance coverage we do have a special Prompt Pay / Self Pay plan.  Please call us for more information!  If you have a plan that is not listed we are happy to verify coverage and benefits for you.  At the time of scheduling your first appointment we request that you provide us your insurance information so that we may verify your benefits and coverage.  We are currently out of network for:  Aetna, Cigna, Medicaid (including AmeriHealth Caritas, BCBS Healthy Blue, Carolina Access, UHC Dual Eligible), Trustmark, Blue Medicare (HMO), Bardavon Workers Compensation, United Health Care (including UHC Medicare), & HumanaChoice (Regional PPO).

How do I pay for treatment?

We accept payment via cash, check, debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express). Payment is expected at the time of treatment (normally during check-in or check-out). If you have insurance coverage there may be a deductible or co-pay required. Before your first visit we will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits for Physical Therapy. Some insurance providers have restrictions on specific treatments. As a courtesy, Axis Physical Therapy files your primary insurance as well as any secondary coverage. You will be billed for any cost share (if applicable) after your insurance has paid their portion.

Do I need to bring my X-Rays or MRI films?

Please bring any interpretation reports from when your X-Ray or MRI was read by a Physician. You do not need to bring the films. Because X-Rays and MRIs do not reveal everything your Physical Therapist needs to know in order to properly treat you, he or she will focus on taking your medical history, conducting a systems review, and performing physical tests and measures which identify potential and existing problems.

Do you do occupational therapy?

While physical therapy and occupational therapy are different professions, there is overlap between the two.  Both professions treat the upper extremity, meaning the shoulder, elbow, and wrist (including hand).  We do not have an occupational therapist on staff; however, our physical therapists are skilled and experienced in treating all joints, including the shoulder, elbow, and wrist (including hand). 

Is physical therapy like chiropractic?

There are some similarities and many differences between the two professions.  At the most basic level chiropractic is focused on alignment of the spine as a means of allowing the body to heal itself from all ailments without the use of traditional medicine approaches like medication or surgery. Physical therapy uses many forms of joint mobilization, manipulation and bodywork to restore movement to all parts and systems of the body. Physical therapists also teach corrective exercises and self-treatment techniques. Many people tend to think of chiropractors when they need treatment for back or neck pain.  However, physical therapists treat the back and neck very effectively, including the use of spinal manipulation, if clinically indicated, and are second only to orthopedic doctors in diagnosing musculoskeletal problems.

Can I fill out any New Patient Forms and bring them with me?

Yes! To access our New Patient Forms please click here. Please print them out, complete, and bring with you to your first visit.

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